Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[EzineArticles Training] Article Title: Narrow The Focus

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Article Title: Narrow the Focus

Hello Training Series Member,

Here is the next edition of the EzineArticles.com Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series.

Ask yourself: "Did I bite off more than I can deliver in my article title?"
I.e., Should I narrow my topic further?
  1. Your article title should be specific, to the point, and completely deliverable. If you are struggling with delivering all the information promised in your article title, consider splitting your topic into 2-3 separate articles.

  2. Acid test your article title: Will your readers feel satisfied and have their expectations met by your article body content after reading your article title?

  3. In terms of content supply and market demand for information, it is true that there is a huge demand for information on broad topics, but that comes with a huge supply of content to meet the huge demand.
    I.e. Your article can get lost in the shuffle.

  4. You may find a market advantage by answering the long tail demand of a niche topic by looking at the more specific, narrowly defined questions your market is asking for you to answer.
To do: Study the concept of the "long tail".
  • You can find the long tail on any topic by doing keyword or keyphrase research with any major keyword discovery tool.
The next edition of the EzineArticles.com Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series is Article Title: No Sales Pitch Please.

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