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[EzineArticles] 7 Easy Article Submission Blunders to Avoid

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Expert Authors Always Double Check Their Work!

We've all had moments when we were confident in our work, but then felt embarrassed due to an honest mistake. Let's face it, nobody is perfect! ... But, as an Expert Author, you won't be able to earn the title of "Expert" if you're continually making careless, head-scratching mistakes in the article submission process. Forgetting to double check your work is a bad habit and will only result in, say it with me...

Article Submission Blunders!

These mistakes add more time to the submission process; and nobody enjoys reading an email with bad news about their recent article submission. Don't be that author who submits articles that appear sloppy or thrown together at the last minute. When you've completed your article, you should feel confident about the end result and that your readers will be pleased with your effort.

Read more for 7 common areas that are often overlooked in the article submission process. These reminders will save you time so you can worry about other things, like your next article!

1. Missing Content. ... Is this a test to see if I'm paying attention?

Before submitting, it's crucial that you read over your content to ensure the entire article is there. You don't want your readers confused because you left out an important detail. Oftentimes when an author is transferring content from a different word processor or a blog, they forget to check the following areas:
  • Phrases such as "Click here" need to include active links. Copying and pasting alone can strip HTML tags. Oh no!
  • References to images, tables or charts should be removed prior to submission since they will not be seen.
  • Language such as "find me on Twitter and Facebook" needs to contain enough information for your readers to actually find you at these locations.
If you don't take the extra effort to ensure your article has everything it needs for the best read, your audience won't take the effort to finish it.

2. Author Name Confusion. ... Who would have thought? The author of this article changed from beginning to end.

Everything needs to be in place for a quality article to have the best impact on your readers. One thing that absolutely needs to match is the Author Name! For example, if Tom submits an article and the Resource Box reads, "Kathy is the author of this article" .... What will your readers think? Likely, they will be confused and all article credibility will be lost. In addition, always ensure any reference to the author's gender is consistent with the Author Name. For example, if "Tom" wrote the article and there is a male in the profile picture, the word "she" should not be used throughout the Resource Box.

Click here for a useful Guide to Managing Alternate Author Names.

3. Linking to the Same Article. ... Hmm, I remember seeing this before; was it just now?

This next blunder may seem minor, but needs to be avoided. In order to provide the best possible experience, always direct your readers to a link that relates to the content provided in the article. This sounds easy enough, however, the link needs to be NEW content. In other words, it needs to be a new avenue for your readers to explore. In today's fast-paced, daily explosion of information, you don't want to lead your readers to a page they just read! Stick to the same topic, but expand further on your article by introducing a different perspective.

4. Repurposing Issues. ... I thought this was an article. Now you're telling me it's not?

Similar to missing content, article re-purposing mistakes are another bad habit. By not thinking clearly and rushing the submission process, you will fall victim to this blunder. Below are common examples of these mistakes to avoid in your article:
  • Your content should never be referred to as a blog, newsletter or anything except an article.
  • The introduction of your article needs to start as a new article, not a continuation of a previous article.
  • If your content was previously part of a video, audio series or blog, ensure the language is properly translated throughout.
The bottom line: If you're submitting an article to an article submission site, ensure that it screams ARTICLE and nothing else. Don't create confusion!

5. Stolen or Spun Content. ... I've read this twice and still can't understand it. Is it me?

There are 2 parts to this one, and they are some of the worst blunders an author can commit. First, all articles you submit need to be 100% original and unique content to which you have the exclusive rights. Content stolen for your own personal gain is more than just a blunder, it's plagiarism and is unethical, illegal and will severely damage your credibility.

Second, content should never be derived from an article spinner. Even today, there are still authors who attempt to submit content using article spinning software, and thankfully, they never succeed. To avoid account suspension, the largest blunder of all, avoid article spinners at all costs. Instead, take some time with your writing ... You owe it to your readers!

If you need help with creating unique content, this blog may have the tips and advice you need.

6. Word Count Oversight. ... Why is this article so thin and repetitive?

Article submission sites have word count guidelines to ensure content meets the optimal industry standards as to what is deemed to be substantial quality content. Regarding the minimum word count, there are no ways around it, simple as that. If your article happens to be under the minimum word count, it's not acceptable to insert a random quote, add generic filler, or a short blurb about your company. Keep in mind, quotes and other filler aren't considered toward the minimum word count; only the content that is 100% original counts. Respect these guidelines and your readers will appreciate your effort.

7. References Not Cited. ... This author must be a genius, these facts must be difficult to remember!

Touching again on original content, it's perfectly fine to use facts and quotes from other sources. However, it's important this content is accompanied by a citation in your article, as well as listing a full reference at the end of the Article Body. You may know your material, but anything taken from another reliable source needs to be pointed out properly in your article. Give credit where credit is due. For more information on how to cite your content, refer to this blog post.

In order to ensure your article is original and everything is in place for submission, remember to make it your final draft! Don't be afraid to grab somebody else for an extra set of eyes to look over your content. It never hurts to get another perspective to help you avoid any article submission blunders!

Do you have any tips to avoid careless mistakes in your article submissions? Share below!
To Your Article Writing/Marketing Success & Passion!
Courtney, Member Support Manager
Courtney, EzineArticles Member Support Manager

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